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A collection of enthralling and moving tales from bestselling author Sheila O''Flanagan.Two eavesdropping train passengers learn more than they bargained for about their own love lives; an office-party fling has unforeseen consequences for a young woman and for a marriage; a suburban housewife is forced to face her past when her estranged mother, famous and exotic, makes contact after many years; an office worker who imagines herself an undercover agent finds her commute to work livened up by the daily sightings of a handsome stranger…whose life she decides to investigate; an adopted woman journeys to meet the woman who gave her up all those years ago, and finds that all is not what she imagined… A myriad lives brilliantly captured through the keen lens of one of Ireland''s best-loved and best-selling storytellers.

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Best Dives of Belize

Best Dives of Belize

Based on the great classic, Best Dives of the Caribbean, this publication zeroes in on the best dives of Belize. Includes the latest and best dive and snorkel sites, each rated for visual excellence and marine life. The author's knowledge of the Caribbean sites is unparalleled. From sunken planes and snorkel trails to blue holes, the best destinations beneath the waves are covered. Also covered are the best places to stay & eat, activities, sightseeing and all practical details needed for visitors. "I have bought both editions of this book, mostly because the first edition got so dog-eared that I wanted a clean one for vacation last year. The book is a marvelous source of information for both the snorkeler and the diver. The authors divide the book into chapters on individual islands, starting out with a brief but interesting history of the island, a topographical description, relative location map, best time to go, weather, and proximity to other islands. They then rate the island's diving locations, awarding from 1 to 5 stars, and provide another larger map visually locating the sites. Each site is described in detail, with info on depth, sea life, currents, visibility, photo ops and difficulty level. As if that weren't enough, they include some (but not enough!) beautiful photos, and end each chapter with yet more info on dive operators (detailed), beaches, other activities, dining, accommodations (with rates, addresses and phone numbers), medical facilities, documentation requirements, currency, driving, local customs, departure taxes, etc. I've been exploring the Caribbean for almost a decade now; I take this compact book with me everywhere. My only complaint: I wish they covered more islands!" — (Suziekew) "The new, 2006, third edition of Best Dives of the Caribbean is packed full of dive-vacation planning information. It tells what time of year to go, the most popular dive sites with details on what to expect, depths, average sea conditions– I get seasick if it's rough and prefer diving where the sites are ten minutes or less by boat, or better yet accessible from the beach. Indeed, some of the other one-desination guides are more suitable for the coffee table, but they don't tell me anything about the dive resorts, the $$ cost. I would not consider planning a dive-vacation to the Caribbean without consulting this gem of a travel guide. The dive resort write ups are detailed and give rates and package deals. Any, the author gives an email for additional questions." — Janice Brink Diver-friendly resorts and hotels are featured, along with many recommended outfitters for learning, improving and mastering your diving skills. A list of decompression chambers is given. Landlubbers will appreciate the sightseeing sections. Color photos enhance the text. Maps show dive site locations. A must-have for divers, snorkelers, or those who just love to float in liquid turquoise. — Brenda Fine, Travel

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Frommer'S Honeymoon Destinations

Frommer’S Honeymoon Destinations

Frommer’S Honeymoon Destinations Binding: Paperback Publisher: FrommerMedia Publish Date: 1990-02-04 Pages: 656 Weight: 1.20 ISBN-13: 9780133326772 ISBN-10: 0133326772

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Best Honeymoon Destinations Belize

Honeymoon in Belize DAY FIVE: Nim Li Punit

Take a vacation Resort and Spa in Belize more than I thought

Planning a wedding, then check the destination of the most romantic wedding in Corozal Belize called Maruba Resort Jungle Spa.

All emerged from the search for a vacation in Belize, and deciding that it would be fun to not be on the beach or a Caye. Suddenly, Maruba Resort Jungle Spa appeared on a website and instead of thinking towards a Spa Holiday Resort, suddenly seemed the right thing to do, to choose it as a of the most romantic of romantic wedding.

This was the way in which a group of friends heard a confirmed bachelor that the most pathetic excuses pathetic about why he was suddenly choosing a romantic wedding destination in the jungles of Belize, and then waiting for friends to come to their support. One would think that a man thirty-eight would make more sense actually.

The Maruba Resort Jungle Spa is a charming romantic holiday destination anyway, and a charming boutique hotel 20 rooms in the jungle and also off the roads in northern Belize in the area known as Corozal. Frankly, if you are looking for a romantic destination wedding then there is little doubt that in this particular marriage exotic tropical destination is better than a wedding on the beach every day of the week.

In Maruba Resort Jungle Spa which is obtained after completing some fairly simple requirements for a marriage license in Belize is the next. The wedding will take out under the coconut trees and surrounded by beautiful tropical colors and fragrant flowers. There will be music coming from an unknown location in the jungle, and the bride is escorted to her wedding two natives of the area with their fanning palm leaves. Most romantic of all is a wedding in the afternoon under the tropical starry sky to the accompaniment of drums, and torch-lit forest. There will be tribal dances, exotic drinks, and superb cuisine. Maruba Resort Jungle Spa can give you a totally romantic wedding destination.

At the same time, guests have the unique opportunity of staying in a place where the new millennium seems to have somehow lost. This is a spa vacation no other, and from the moment you will feel the difference, with the burning of incense, and a rum punch in hand will give you the Grand Tour. With 20 lodging Maruba Resort Jungle Spa is very much a boutique hotel, and of course the ideal honeymoon destination for romantic, so the bride and groom stayed where they were and so did her party wedding to enjoy fully all this impressive complex of holiday in a spa offering.

It is a day spa and a hotel, so there are two swimming pools, one exclusively for guests. You will find an outdoor mineral bath in the jungle of motives. The pool has a waterfall, so suitable for a holiday destination exotic tropical, and the ideal place to cool off after experiencing outflows as the Mayan ruins, or the canopy of the jungle canopy or tubing in caves. days refrigerators magnificent field accompanying him, and you just being pampered. The food is also spoil, and there is even the chance to try local games. Accommodation is also incredible, but this article now occurs before that many people take a fancy to Maruba Resort Jungle Spa and turn up and perhaps spoil the virgin site. destination Romantic Wedding – definitely. Romantic Honeymoon Destination – absolutely. Romantic exotic tropical holiday destination could be the best in Belize – a lot.