Best Honeymoon Destinations Michigan

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Best Honeymoon Destinations Michigan

Mackinack Trip

Grand Canyon with beautiful scenery. However, do not miss the sunrise and sunset on beautiful lot. If you get in early, you see. The most beautiful scene 've never seen before in his life. But if you have more patience, you can see the sunset of a dark canyon. I visited the Grand Canyon in good time. So I was lucky enough to see the sunrise and sunset on the same day.

One of my friends who have been recommended to see the Grand Canyon sunrise and sunset on my journey. So I got up very early. On the second day of the Tour of the Grand Canyon I also took my camera hoping to take some great pictures. I came Mather Point, which is the best place to see sunrise. At around 05:00, but there is a busload of tourists. Everyone wanted to see the first highlight of the peaks rocks. ฉ akoaarnnnakeey! Beautiful golden light can warm the hearts of all. After the first light of the sun slowly go down into the ravine

Is Interestingly, all the subtle changes of the canyon in a day. Canyon has different colors at different times of day. I got to see the sunset at Yavapai. The color has changed rapidly during this period. Very interesting to take a different shape. Compared with the long shadow of the first light of dawn, gold. dark orange as the main color of the sunset. Moreover, the point along the Hopi Hermit Road is another advantage. To view the sunset. But still there are many. People, everyone seems to be rather stunning scenery of the attention on something else. Others.

When I returned to my hotel I'm excited and very tired. After days walking, who desperately want to have a good rest. But I still see my pictures. And a great photo that will be my witnesses memorable. Tour forever.