Betsy’s Bridal Salon Baltimore Md

Betsy's Return

Betsy’s Return

The Covington family’s wealth and status in Buffalo hold no appeal for William. His greatest desire is to minister to others. He is delighted, then, when a church in Walnutport, Pennsylvania, call him to be their pastor. Can he ever fill the shoes of Reverend Nelson, who has lovingly served this small canal community for years? Betsy Nelson can hardly accept her father’s retirement, but she knows his failing heart demands it. She leaves her life in the city and returns home to care for him. It hurts to see a new pastor taking her papa’s place, but Betsy didn’t expect Pastor William to be so charming and handsome. After being left once before at the altar, William vowed to serve the Lord alone. But that was before he met Betsy…

Todays: $3.46

Betsy's Profile

Betsy’s Profile

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Todays: $15.47

Betsy's Hotel


Betsy’s Hotel

Todays: $75.47

Betsy's Destiny

Betsy’s Destiny

No Synopsis Available

Todays: $11.16

Betsy’s Bridal Salon Baltimore Md