Bridal Salon At Saks Fifth Avenue Costa Mesa

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Bridal Salon At Saks Fifth Avenue Costa Mesa

Things To Consider When You Buy Bridal Shoes

If you buy bridal shoes, you want to have the best ones for your big day. Here are some important things to remember when shopping for shoes that you will use when you walk down the aisle.

1. Comfort
The style of the shoes that you will buy depends on your personal preference. Whatever style your chose shoes are, they should be very comfortable. Take note that on the big day, you are going to spend long, tiring hours of walking down the aisle, meeting people, posing for the photographers and dancing with your loved ones. Wearing uncomfortable shoes for long hours can make your wedding day a nightmare and , worse, can even cause long-term foot injury.

2. Heels
Correct heel height is vital since your wedding dress or gown will be fitted to accommodate the height of your bridal shoes’ heels. If you are not used in wearing high-heel shoes, then do not hesitate to wear low-heel ones. If you wish to look taller but are not used to wearing high heels, you can put on platform or lower kitten heels.

3. Fabric
The normal fabrics that make up most designer wedding shoes are silk or satin. But do not limit yourself to these choices. If you are planning to wear a non-traditional bridal dress, then do not wear traditional shoes either. There are many options out there; just ask the staff in the shop or inquire through the Internet.

4. Style
The style of your wedding shoes is a matter of personal preference, but it should complement your gown and the wedding’s setting. For instance, if you are wearing an elegant, sexy dress and the setting reflects your romantic nature, you might want to buy a lovely, lacy white stiletto with thin straps. But if you are a funky, trendy bride in a lively, party-filled wedding, you may want to consider bridal shoes with chunky heels.

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Bridal Salon At Saks Fifth Avenue Costa Mesa