Bridal Shower Gifts Under $30

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Bridal Shower Gifts Under $30

Intimate Weddings

Not all marriages have to be a massive event. A guest list of 250 people, ice sculptures, and cathedral train length may not be for you. It can be just wonderful to have a small wedding, intimate like a big, big.

"Small" may be a term on when talking about size wedding. A couple might consider 80 people to be a small wedding. Another bride and groom can go as small possible – only two of them, a justice of the peace, and a witness. And, of course, many marriages fall somewhere in between.

The reason for a small wedding are as varied as the people who have. Finances are undoubtedly one of the main reasons to keep the guest list below. It is certainly going to be much less expensive to feed 50 people to 150 people. A smaller guest list also allows the couple to rent a space smaller, which reduces the cost of the flowers and decor too.

Other couples prefer to have a good budget in an intimate wedding businesses so they can afford to make all the luxury amenities. The bride and boyfriend may decide to prefer to serve French champagne and caviar to 40 of your best friends that the rubber chicken in a banquet hall full of guests. Fewer guests also means that you can serve more personalized plates that would be impractical to feed a large crowd.

Wanting only close friends and immediate family in attendance is also a good reason to keep your wedding small. There is something to say to take only those you know very well there to witness a very special milestone. Perhaps the day will be more meaningful if you are surrounded by loved ones, and not a sea of virtual strangers to their parents insisted on inviting.

For every bride diva, not a shy girl who does not crave the spotlight. If the idea of being the center of all that attention makes you cringe, can be an intimate wedding perfect for you. The smallest wedding I had gone to 30 people. The ceremony was held at the home of the bride's parents in front of the fireplace. The house was beautifully decorated with candles and gardenias floating on water. The bride came down the stairs into the room, and held a brief service jp while guests sipped champagne. Then, we went to a private dining club in a neighboring country for an elegant dinner. It seemed more elegant dinner reception than a traditional one (for example, there was music background, but no dancing), and it was absolutely perfect for the bride in particular.

Hosting an intimate wedding does not necessarily mean any of the items omitted of a normal wedding, but some of them can be reduced. For example, in the aforementioned wedding, the bride chose a simple wedding dress ivory A-line skirt. It combined with a fine comb in her hair (no veil), and a velvet shrug small (it was winter). Games bridal jewelry she admired were also simple, with fine golden pearls and crystals Swarovksi hand with silver. After watching a series of sets of bridal jewelry together, the mother of the bride surprised her with the she really loved her as a special wedding shower gift.

The important part of this story is that every bride deserves to feel special on her wedding day, if your wedding is for 10 people or 100. A beautiful dress is a necessity, and every bride should have to bring flowers. The decision to have a small wedding can be a wonderful choice for couples who want their day to be beautiful without being overwhelming. When it comes to weddings, sometimes good things really do come in small packages.