Bridal Shower Gifts Long Island

Bridal Shower Gifts Long Island

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FRASER, Salon & Day Spa is a modern hotel located in North York spa located in 2785 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside. A full service salon and day spa for men and women, where soft earth tones and Spa Style team has been assembled piece by piece with style, combined to create a zone of zen calm and beauty.

Creating A visit a spa? Want to relax in the afternoon, start a new healthy lifestyle or simply escape for a romantic weekend? No matter what you're looking for, spend the perfect day spa in Fraser. Escape from your hectic schedule and enjoy the best in the skin, body and beauty treatments in the phrase "The Best Salon & Day Spa in Long Island." Stop-for less than special discounts, packages and services, special place with a rare blend of luxury and reinforces the need for health and beauty "We will show you sentence a new way to enjoy life." Enjoy shopping the new image in where one can create a gift certificate for your loved ones.

One can buy the gift certificate by either opting for fixed packages Fraser, a gift specific dollar amount that can be used to purchase any service retail sentence, or a personalized gift package, choosing a or more available services of their choice. Get the most out of sentences of fashion forward styling, skin care and rejuvenating results oriented treatment body. Fraser offers wedding the bride to be, which is a package of three days and is priced in consultation, the day of ONE (1 month before the wedding) day two (1 week before the wedding) and day three (wedding day), from massage to makeup brides … from facials to body treatments fabulous-hair, extensions Hair and manicure (you must show that the ring!). The special day is as important for Fraser as it is for you and luxurious brides-to-be from head to toe and has designed a wonderful variety of ways for you to look and feel beautiful as you begin your walk down the aisle.

Get the old running back with the skin care Fraser believed that the secret to youthful beauty lies within, not only in the soul and spirit, but beneath the surface of your skin.