Crystal Bridesmaid

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Crystal Bridesmaid




EVER FAITH Women's Austrian Crystal Wedding Teardrop Stud Earrings Clear Silver-Tone

EVER FAITH Women’s Austrian Crystal Wedding Teardrop Stud Earrings Clear Silver-Tone

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Mariell Dazzling Wedding, Prom & Bridesmaids Crystal Tear Drop Dangle Earrings with Pave Infinity Symbol

Mariell Dazzling Wedding, Prom & Bridesmaids Crystal Tear Drop Dangle Earrings with Pave Infinity Symbol

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Swarovski Crystal Bridesmaid Jewelry

Crystal Bridesmaid

What would your dream wedding be?

This is just a little game, nothing serious 🙂

So, think to the future (or maybe the past if you’ve already got married) and I just wondered what you dream wedding would be.

Big white wedding?
Close family and friends in a cosy destination?

I want all the details!

Dress colour? Dress type? Destination? Hair? Guests? Entertainment? Food? EVERYTHING!

Georgia xx 🙂

The theme of my wedding would have to be SPRING.

The colors will be light colors such as white, light pink, light purple, just light to fit the season.

The destination shall be somewhere with nature, or like just green pastures and fields. Or a big house with lots of green land and trees and flowers where I’m walking down the stairs that leads to that part where the guests and grooms are. I also imagine a sort of fancy, vined canopy where we exchange vows and say I do.

Dress color and type: White for sure. Type would be simple, elegent, long lacy, flowy, fitted at the waist with a silver type belt and narrow and spread out skirt. Designs would be incorporated in there, like a flowery design embroidered at the skirts of the dress and in the back, it would be like criss-crossed type or a fancy button up type and a flowy long train. LACE. And a garter also.

Shoes: Strapped silver or white heels.

Veil: White, long, lace, almost see through, flowy, and goes well with my dress.

Hair: I imagine it would be up like this : It would bits of sparkly beads and I imagine a nice-sized headpiece. Or maybe long and fancy-curled down my back. Something like this if it is up. :

Jewelry: Medium length chandelier earrings, tiny choker, heavy diamond bracelet, my ring.

Bouquet: Cream, light purple a little darker, light pink, just light Spring colors (roses, cala lilies, carnations, contrasted and Spring basically). There will be a long lacy bow and crystals.

Bridesmaids: Light and shiny purple dresses.

Flower Girls: Ivory dresses with light purple belts with a long bow in the back.

Groomsmen: Suits and tuxedos, and the flowers on their suits would have the wedding colors all in one item on their suit.

Guests: Family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Entertainment: A hired band or singer, the basic wedding games such as the bouquet toss and such, I would say a comedian or somebody who’ll brighten up the reception and bring it to life.

Dance Floor: Laid on the grass, wooden, I imagine a mocha brown wood.

Food: Filet mignon, fancy Spanish rice, steak, lobster, vegetable delight at the side, wide variety of bread, pasta, and other alternatives. Desert would have to be something chocolatey like a mousse with white chocolate bits at the top or a variety like this

Drinks: Champagne, Apple cider, water.

Flowers: White, light pink, light purple, light yellow roses for sure. Anything that fits in with the Spring theme, obviously flowers, maybe similar to the ones iny headpiece but just as long as the colors fit.

Cake: A GIANT cake with 4-5 tiers, chocolatey-vanilla, with a fruity filling or a vanilla icing pudding filling. White with light-colored flowers on it with a belt of silver.

Reception: I imagine outdoors, with the fancy tables and linens ( colors would be white, ivory, or the wedding colors), silverware, glass, silver pretty much. The centerpiece would be something silver, with my wedding flowers, HIGH, and BIG. I also imagine big white candles so maybe a candlepiece or three. Maybe big enough were the guests cannot see each other across the table and would have to turn.

Powerpoint Presentation: It would have music, transitions, our pictures, our family’s pictures, pictures of us together, childhood, etc.

Giveaways and Namecards: On the tables, there will be namecards on fancy ivory papers with heavy gold ink in cursive. The giveaways I imagine would be little square glass bottles filled with crystalized flowers and letters with the bride and groom’s initials together in there. On the bottle, there would also be a ____ and ____’s Wedding: with the date.

Music: Love songs correlating with the dance and also American Top 40 for the PARTAY XD.

Photography: Professional of course.

The pictures basically says everything:

Difference between me and girl in picture: Dark brown, black hair, and dark eyes ( Asian).