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In Love in New York

In Love in New York

New York is a city for lovers: In Love in New York guides the reader to the most romantic sights and destinations the city has to offer. Whether you want to watch the sun rise over the East River like Woody and Diane or enjoy a Cary Grant/Deborah Kerr moment at the top of the Empire State Building, there is no greater city than New York for couples in love. The book begins with “first impressions,” the iconic New York sights that never fail to dazzle: the skyline (and the best places to view it), the most beautiful blocks and neighborhoods, the famous views (rooftops, bridges, riverside parks). Chapters follow on great date ideas, including destination museums and unusual “dinner-and-a-movie/theater” combinations. For readers ready to commit, the authors detail the best proposal spots; where to go ring shopping; the coolest places to register for gifts; and information about the legal requirements for marrying in the city (gay and straight), including a rundown on the classic City Hall wedding-with the best places to buy flowers and to celebrate afterwards, naturally. There are also ideas for planning honeymoons and anniversaries. Throughout, sidebars offer romantic options such as wonderful bars with fireplaces, the prettiest park benches, great New York literary and film affairs to inspire your visit, and romantic day trips within and near the five boroughs. From champagne on the Peninsula rooftop in midtown to ice skating in Bryant Park, In Love in New York is the perfect gift for any couple dreaming of experiencing the romance of New York.

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Great Honeymoon Destinations United States

New York – The Heart of America

New York is the third most populous state in the United States. It is a major business centers in the world. The state witnessed the horrible terrorist attack on the twin towers of World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, that will change the face of trade in New York, but only for a short period. The return status back in no time and recovered from all monetary losses. New York is the largest city in the state of New York.

New York is the largest state by size 27a. East New York is dominated by the Great Appalachian Valley, while most regions from Southern California are in the Allegheny Plateau.

New York has a very urban and modern and the environment. However, the state of New York is also of the farms, forests, rivers, mountains, lakes, etc. The largest park in the United States is Adirondack Park in New York. First state park was established in New York in 1885 in Niagara Falls. New York has many parks and two large forest preserves.

New York has a humid continental climate. Winters in New York are really cool and cold, the temperature is expected to be approximately -13 degrees or lower. The state of New York pleasurable experiences warm summers, the approximate temperature in the summers to be 25-30 degrees in most parts of the state.

New York has the largest immigrant population after California. New York is the main attraction of the population emigrated. New York is the oldest and most extensive transport infrastructure of the nation. There are many places to see in New York. This state is one of the major tourist attractions in the United States. The must visit places in New York are:

The Empire State Building is over 75 years of age. On an average day, with a clear sky you can see almost 80 miles from the top of the building. It is a major tourist attraction.

The first thing that comes to mind when you say New York is the Statue of Liberty. It was presented to the United States during the French Revolution in honor of the friendship established and harmony. It symbolizes freedom and peace.

The Grand Central Terminal is another major tourist attraction. It opened in 1913 and now not only a Cube transport but also a destination in itself for tourists and visitors.

17 miles outside New York are bulky Niagara Falls on the river Niagara. It is a nice view of the eye as well as a valuable source of hydroelectric power. It is a great attraction in the summer and is also a favorite place for newlyweds.

Central Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is a positive change in the bustling city life of New York. There are many things seen in the park as the Central Park Zoo, the Statue of Alice in Wonderland, Angel in the Water Supply, strawberry fields, etc.

Some of the best places to New York are staying at the Hotel Casablanca, the French guest apartments and Comfort Inn Midtown.