Hand Made

Hand Made

Is Dippin’ Dots Still the “Ice Cream of the Future”? (smithsonianmag)

How founder and CEO Curt Jones is trying to keep the tiny ice cream beads from
becoming a thing of the past


* Handmade bags with textile artist Marilyn Pipe

Hand Made

Why did the industrialists in the 19th century preferred hand-made goods over machine made goods?

Some points on why industrialists preferred hand made goods rather than machine made goods.

The meticulous way in which hand-made goods are made, is always preferred. The words to describe this are PRIDE and QUALITY. This would provide the world with products in a near perfect design. Folk, in the past times, wanted to do their best. NOW in 2007, folk don’t give a “half care” how they do anything. Presently, the point in the minds of the workers is, to collect that paycheck and nothing more.