Honeymoon Destinations Close To New York

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Honeymoon Destinations Close To New York

A romantic getaway – five best places for a helicopter tour

If you are considering a helicopter tour but do not know where, then here these article can help you get your mind and brief your travel agent and book your tour. Here are the 5 best places to enjoy a of the best outdoor experiences you can have in a lifetime:

Grand Canyon – Being on the edge of your seat in the helicopter will take you to the wonder natural world. Grand Canyon has been one of the favorite places in the country to travel by helicopter instead. Surely, no one can resist the charms of the land that is visible from several hundreds of feet above the ground.

New York – If flying between the skyscrapers and bridges is what you like, then New York is the place to be. Helicopter Tours offered in New York would take in and around the city. Also, see her face to face Liberty. The Big Apple tour would surely be incomplete without the journey helicopter.

Las Vegas – Of course, the neon lights, casinos and nightclubs are several tourist magnets of Las Vegas. But what could be more than that? Here, because Las Vegas helicopter tour surpasses all the usual Las Vegas experience. See the city from above and wondered what Las Vegas is beautiful. And do not forget to fly over Hoover Dam, an attraction in Las Vegas.

Hawaii – Explore the islands of Hawaii on foot and by sea that allow you to discover some of the most spectacular in the world has to offer. But it has more to discover if you take the foot of the earth, and Hawaii from above. Hawaii helicopter tour will take you to the islands of Hawaii and see how diverse people can be. From the mountains to volcanoes and white sand beaches sparkling sea, Hawaii helicopter tour lets you enjoy all of these.

Hollywood, California – If you want to make sure you have the best time in California, then you should take into account the reserve for a helicopter tour. It would take a stone's throw of the Hollywood sign and view the Universal Studios from above. You can see the mansions of some of the most celebrities who live in California. And at night, watching the lights of the city as the helicopter takes you to the most impressive ever seen can experience.

Here are some important facts you should know to stay safe around the helicopter at all times:

When approaching the helicopter – For some, especially the first timers, the sound of the rotor can be as intimidating at the same time exciting. These two are the main cause of distraction. And somehow, they tend to neglect the importance to know how to approach the helicopter.

What you should do is stay calm and be aware of everything that is happening around you. Do not approach the helicopter if the pilot has not yet given the signal to do so. Also, never approach the helicopter where the pilot can not see you. Approach the helicopter from either side or front.

Approach the helicopter while keeping your head down. The rotor speed corners that could cause serious harm or death if affected. In addition, if you use something that could fly like the hat, they cling to them with care. If you are holding long stick or tools, keeping them horizontal. This would avoid the possibility that this would hit the rotor.

In rough terrain, make sure you approach the side down. This will prevent danger that could strike the rotor. Remember this so you can be out of danger. While in the helicopter, such as riding a plane, there is a strict rule to follow to ensure you have a safe ride. And it all starts at the closing and opening the door.

Once you have approached the helicopter safely, open the door slowly and be kind at closing. Remember that helicopters are meant to fly they are made of lightweight materials to be very light on the doors. Just pull very slowly and close the latch handle gently. Wear seat belts at all times and follow everything that the pilot said. The helicopter pilot knows about more than you.

Departing from the helicopter – From the helicopter is as critical as close to it so be sure to follow safety guidelines.

Wait for the signal from the pilot that it is safe to leave. Never disobey this or else suffer the consequences. In rough terrain, exit on the side toward below. This prevents you from hitting the rotor blade. And, keep your head down until you are clear with the rotor.

These things can be simple and very basic which is why that not everyone follows it. If you do not want to get hit by the rotor or fall in the air, you have a very good reason to keep all of the above.