Honeymoon Destinations Mozambique

The World's Most Romantic Destinations: 50 Dreamy Getaways, Private Retreats, and Enchanting Places to Celebrate Love

The World’s Most Romantic Destinations: 50 Dreamy Getaways, Private Retreats, and Enchanting Places to Celebrate Love

National Geographic reveals 50 gloriously romantic vacations in this inspirational planner for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, Valentineâ s Day, and other amorous special occasions. In The Worldâ s Best Romantic Destinations youâ ll discover the most idyllic trips you could ever take, with expert tips on where to go, what to do, where to eat, and what to see in each unforgettable location. Filled with beautiful images of National Geographicâ s most top-secret romantic spots across six continents, and top tips to experience them with the one you adore most, this collection is a travel-lovers dream. Flip through the pages to dream up a honeymoon walking through the temples of Bhutan, an anniversary trip to the white sand beaches of Mozambique, or a cozy night in an ice hotel in Sweden. These pages highlight off-the-beaten path destinationsâ think the exotic jungles of Costa Rica, jade coves in Big Sur, and a desert Oasis in Israelâ that will inspire a special getaway to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, engagement, babymoonâ or simply just because youâ re in love. No matter your flavor of travel, each and every destination inside this book will inspire you to cross a new place off your bucket lists.

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Honeymoon Destinations Mozambique

Top honeymoon in Africa

There are several honeymoon destinations intimate and romantic in the exotic African continent, including Mozambique islands soft, full of wildlife reserves in Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana, as well as the jewel in the crown of Africa, the beautiful city of Cape Town in South Africa.

Premier wildlife destinations

If the allure of a traditional honeymoon safari in Africa has hit the mark, there a great variety of destinations around the southern and eastern Africa. premier destinations for wildlife including Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana, all of which have a number of parks national and private game, literally, a hotbed of exotic animals.

It is unlikely that the newlyweds choose to scheduled trips, but all operators Quality African tour are equipped to offer packages specifically designed for couples who need a bit more Privacy. So it's simply a case of choose your destination and then let the experts handle the finer details on your behalf.

'5 'Main attraction of the Big

The 'Big 5' are the main attractions of the famous Masai Mara and Serengeti game reserves and the Ngorongoro Crater, tip of the areas wildlife of Africa as a display and a haven for thousands of pink flamingos. Both Tanzania and Kenya are considered safe places and offer safari Luxury accommodations in inns.

"Land of Giants'

While considerably more arid than their neighbors northern Botswana is a wonderful place to experience the African safari accompli. Dubbed the "land of giants," because the last large herds of African elephants others are still going through the earth with impunity and the giant tree upside down, better known as the baobab, literally dwarfs all pretenders to the throne, Botswana has a range of interesting activities to take part in one side of the normal safari experience.

"The smoke that thunders"

Discover the incomparable beauty of the Okavango swamps in a mokoro carved by hand, the traditional canoe from the trenches of local communities, or to the fabulous Victoria Falls one of the seven natural wonders of the world, in neighboring Zambia and watch in amazement as the "smoke that thunders barrels" in a 108m deep gorge.

Islands romantic

For pure romance, the islands of Bazaruto and Inhaca Mozambique leave all African destinations in their tracks. In addition to extensive beaches white and languid Indian Ocean, is a series of exciting adventures to enjoy during the day, including the game deep sea fishing, horse riding, diving and cruises ocean.

The last experience cosmopolitan

For a more cosmopolitan experience, Cape Town is the place to go. Located at the foot of Africa, the city is overshadowed by the Table Mountain, arguably one of the most recognizable natural landmarks known to man.

Although there a clear sense of Mother Africa to the city, boats a fine blend of cultures, including Asian and European influences. Apart from its natural beauty, abundant flora indigenous and abundant food options, Cape Town also has an extraordinary variety of accommodations from affordable to ultra luxurious. So no matter the budget, the Mother City is waiting with open arms and innumerable options.