Honeymoon Destinations On The East Coast

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Honeymoon Destinations On The East Coast

Honeymoon destinations?

I live in Pittsburgh, PA and am looking for a honeymoon destination that does not require pleasant flight, and pets for the two little Corgi. I do not want to go to the Deep Zone Maryland Creek, or travel more than eight hours. I have the hardest time trying to find anything! I know my options are limited to dogs and flight, but I can not help it. I hate heights and I have a dog sitter for a week. Can anyone help? Did you have fun on the east coast?

I also live in Pittsburgh and even though I have dogs, a friend of mine in Pittsburgh has two like you and traveling with them all the time. I do not know what type of honeymoon you're looking for, but my friend went to Mackinaw Island in Michigan. The pictures I saw looked great and v. romantic. I do not know about the pet policy, but the Greenbrier in West Virginia is a beautiful and maybe a 4-5 hour drive from Pittsburgh. Another possibility is to go to the "old school" and go to Niagara Falls. There are games of chance up there now and is perhaps one hour from Pittsburgh 5-6. Hope this helps and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!