Honeymoon Destinations With Private Pools

Honeymoon Destinations With Private Pools

A Santa Lucia Honeymoon Spot

Looking for a honeymoon in St. Lucia or a holiday villa hideaway with your partner, then check out Fond Bay Suites and Villa.

If you have a honeymoon in St. Lucia, or just looking for a hideaway in the Caribbean, so why not take a look at the minus end People east of the island.

In particular, why not take a look at Fond Bay Suites and Villa.

Although technically a catering villa offers independent housing, there are many reasons to choose for a honeymoon in St. Lucia not least of which that is exactly what is highly recommended by a number previous guests.

The expression location, location, location is certainly true that here, and the honeymoon location also applies, but the equity can be put in the car tag, but should not, because you have to weigh the positive aspects for Fond Bay Suites and Villa as well.

If you look at housing options in Fond Bay Suites and Villa de Santa Lucia, is a very reasonable price and you can choose between suites, which are independent and with a sea view and patio, air conditioning or ceiling fans, private terraces and daily maid service. mere facts like this hardly paint a picture, because of Fond Bay Suites and Villa is much better than you might think.

The suite is a good size, but are the two areas outside help to make it special. The courtyard has chairs and a table and the area of the grass terrace has loungers and a barbecue. Your privacy is guaranteed by tropical plants and flowers in bright colors, and all the while they are watching out over the ocean. Your cleaning will cook if you ask, and food is easily obtained. You can not stop the locals from entering when you go to a walk, and even local food will deliver for you to try. This could be the last of vegetables "instead.

If your budget extends to it, then to one on the top of honeymoon in St Lucia, take the villa luxury 3500 square feet with three bedrooms, top of the range of equipment, private pool instead of a swimming pool, a service kitchen, and really out, claiming that is how they will live in the future. You feel like the "Monarch of all surveys, in this delightful holiday villa in the charming island of St. Lucia.

You have found a real Caribbean hideaway in a part of Santa Lucia, where there are few tourists. Although the sea is not the turquoise Caribbean Sea, this is more than compensated by the vacuum mile long secluded beach is a short drive or a slightly longer walk. There are plenty of nearby attractions such as warerfalls, rivers, hiking trails, tropical forest, so it's perfect for couples want time for themselves, not an all action holiday market.

Eating Out Fond Bay Suites and Villa not a problem with good restaurants reasonable prices within walking distance, like supermarkets. The fact is that it will be more than happy to sit in the sun, relax and enjoy the views, lighting the barbecue and drinking in a house made of rum punch. You will need a rental car to explore Santa Lucia, but it is the perfect honeymoon location for many people.