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Jessica's Secret

Jessica’s Secret

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Todays: $23.27

Jessica's Grandad

Jessica’s Grandad

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Todays: $20.65

Jessica's Ghost

Jessica’s Ghost

Francis has never had a friend like Jessica before. She’s the first person he’s ever met who can make him feel completely himself. Jessica has never had a friend like Francis before. Not just because he’s someone to laugh with every day – but because he’s the first person who has ever been able to see her… Jessica’s Ghost is a funny, moving and beautiful book by a master storyteller, about the power of friendship to shine a warm light into dark places.

Todays: $9.99

Jessica's Tune

Jessica’s Tune

A young musician uses his computer skills to tap into the files of what he believes to be a small San Francisco finance company. It is actually a money laundering front for a Mexican drug cartel, which is less concerned about the theft of $50,000 than about the possibility that the thief might be a competitor prowling their computer data. They kidnap him. His father is burdened by a secret that prevents him from contacting the police. Instead, he asks his job counselor for help. Nick Dement, working as an employment termination counselor in a firm that helps other companies fire their employees, has his own problems, notably persistent self-torment over his defection fifteen years earlier from his work as a spy for the KGB. Since then he has been in an FBI witness protection program, waiting for the KGB or the Russian gangs of New York to seek revenge for what he can only regard as his betrayals. He reluctantly agrees to help resolve the kidnapping, but in the course of that he becomes romantically entangled with two women. From a solitary, low-profile existence that lacked any hint of personal intimacy he has rocketed into an unfamiliar realm of competing passions. When the computer geek for the finance company makes a fateful decision, everything becomes more complicated for everyone.This is a sequel to Jim Wygant’s novel, "The Spy’s Demise" which details the defection of Nick Dement fifteen years earlier, before witness protection and when he was known by other names.

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Jessica’s Bridal Salon Winnipeg