Long Gloves

Long Gloves

It didn’t take long for the hate to emerge (ESPN)

PITTSBURGH — It was probably the moment that Evgeni Malkin and Patrice
Bergeron, he of the one career NHL fight, decided to drop the gloves and


Extremely long gloves

Long Gloves

Do you think long gloves will make a comeback?

I’m starting to see long gloves coming back into style on the runways and amongst other places. I’ve also read a few articles that say long gloves are back. Do you think long gloves for ladies will make a comeback in mainstream style this year and maybe next winter?

With the economy only getting worse every year, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, those little extras that a woman can wear can only be afforded by the rich. Long gloves cost pretty much. I have even seen some opera-length gloves go for 350 dollars. The future of gloves is where it is now, the rich, the models, the actresses, and some fanatics who save their money…Leather