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Magic Gel



Blue Magic 860 Leather Care Gel - 23 fl. oz.

Blue Magic 860 Leather Care Gel – 23 fl. oz.

Blue Magic’s Leather Care Gel deep cleans, conditions and protects with superior UV inhibitors. With the new leather scent it restores your leather back to new. The leather care gel is in an easy to use trigger spray bottle which will moisten and soften leather and vinyl and will prevent cracking….

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DGQ 12Packs Non-Slip Cell Pads Car Dashboard Sticky Cell Mats Magic Premium Anti Slide Gel Mat Anti-Slip GEL Pads Sticky Auto Gel Holder (Mixed color)

DGQ 12Packs Non-Slip Cell Pads Car Dashboard Sticky Cell Mats Magic Premium Anti Slide Gel Mat Anti-Slip GEL Pads Sticky Auto Gel Holder (Mixed color)

DGQ Sticky Non-Slip Cell Phone Gel Pads Magic Premium Reusable Anti Slide Gel Mat Mat Mounted Rug Pad in Round, Triangle,Rectangle Shapes Size of Round shape: 3-1/8″ dia. by 3/32″ thick; Size of Triangle shape:3-1/8″ length,2-3/4″ width,3/32″ thick; Size of Rectangle shape:3″ lenght,2-1/2″ width,3/32″ thick. Package: Round shape in black X 2PCS;Round shape in clear X 2PCS Triangle shape in black …

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Tea Tree Oil: Magic in Your Medicine Cabinet (fitsugar)

The next time you head to the drugstore, be sure to add tea tree oil to the
top of your list. With its ability to cure everything from poison ivy rashes
to acne, this oil is up there with magic when it comes to natural remedies. An
Australian plant extract, tea tree oil acts as both a topical antibacterial
and an antimicrobial agent. While we even use it to clean our yoga mats, here
are the three reasons why this powerful oil is the star of our medicine

1. **Heals cuts and burns**: Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, meaning
it can be used to help treat wounds and burns. Although large clinical studies
are lacking, a study done by the National Center For Complementary and
Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) found that tea tree oil can be used for the
treatment or wounds and bacterial infections; something the aboriginal people
of Australia have believed for years. Try using a small amount of tea tree oil
to heal razor burns, small cuts, and even sunburns. You can even dilute it a
bit with water, since the oil can be quite potent!


Silicon-Gel – Isolierung – Magic Box – Raytech

Magic Gel

What goes into making the gel in computer wrist pads on mouse pads?

Is it different than the stuff in those squeeze balls with the pop out eyes made of slime? or the kids squishy balls at chuck e cheese that look like rocks and have some kind of gel in them? What is that stuff made of, and can it be made at home? I was thinking it might be nice to have a pillow for my bed that had that, except covered in fabric, as long as it did not leak. it would be different than conventional pillows in feel.

…apparently some form of polyurethane, a polymer made from vegetable oil. Polyurethane formulations cover an extremely wide range of stiffness, hardness, and densities. These materials include:

low density flexible foam used in upholstery and bedding,
low density rigid foam used for thermal insulation and e.g. automobile dashboards,
soft solid elastomers used for gel pads and print rollers, and
hard solid plastics used as electronic instrument bezels and structural parts.

It really isn’t feasible to make polyurethane at home as there are many variables that control what kind of polyurethane you actually produce. To highlight this, here is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek account of how to produce polyurethane:

“This is a most exciting, page, surely it is! This is the page where you the netsurfer will learn how to make polyurethanes! Now, now, it’s not that hard. It’s quite simple actually.. .To start off, we make polyurethanes from two monomers, a diol and a diisocyanate.. .With the help of a little molecule called diazobicyclo[2.2.2]octane, or DABCO for short, we can make these two polymerize. When we stir the two monomers together with DABCO, something nifty happens.

DABCO is a very good nucleophile, that is, it has a pair of unshared electrons that would just love to attach themselves to a vulnerable nucleus. Remember, electrons have negative charges, and the nuclei of atoms have positive charges. And we all know that negative charges and positive charges attract. So DABCO’s electron look around, and they find a nucleus on the alcohol hydrogens of the diol. These hydrogens are vulnerable, because they are bonded to oxygen atoms. Oxygen is electronegative. This is to say it pulls electrons away from other atoms. So it pulls electrons away from its neighbor the hydrogen atom. This leaves the positive charge of its nucleus unbalanced. The electrons would have balanced the positive charge with their own negative charges, they’ve been sucked away by the oxygen. This leaves a slight positive charge on the hydrogen…”

However, you might be able to purchase a gel-filled pillow.

http://www. lnt .com/ sm-wamsutta-magic-gel-pillow–pi-2231396 .html is a listing for Wamsutta’s Gel Pillow

http://www. allegromedical .com/cushions-covers-backs-c544/ simplx-gfr-gel-foam-cushion-p214823 .html is a listing for a gel and foam cushion for use in a wheelchair, but it could also be used as a bed pillow.

And http://www. geltechnology .com/ makes all sorts of gel pads, seats, and cushions. They even sell just the gel sheets in case you want to make your own pillow: http:// geltechnology .com/ SearchResult .aspx?CategoryID=24 They also sell pet beds, in case you want to share your comfort with your dog ( http:// geltechnology .com/ SearchResult .aspx?CategoryID=11 ). They aren’t cheap. though!

So you don’t really have to set up a chemistry lab at home. You can find a product that will let you make what you want.