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Don'T Burn Your Toast

Don’T Burn Your Toast

“Don’t Burn Your Toast should from this day forward be a staple in the planning of every wedding, alongside the venue, photographer, cake and the wedding dress.”- Vincent Pugliese, Elizabeth Vincent Photography It’s an honor to be chosen as best man or maid of honor for a wedding. First comes planning for the big weekend, then preparing for the bachelor/bachelorette party, and finally delivering a toast at the reception. In front of everyone. Gulp. Like many of you, Pete Honsberger has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to these toasts. And he thinks he can help. Along with plenty of pop culture references and a few life lessons, Pete provides the building blocks to an unforgettable story, helpful speech prompts, and a Dynamite Toast Checklist that will help turn a potentially dreaded obligation into a golden opportunity. Don’t Burn Your Toast leads the charge against mediocre (or disastrous) wedding speeches with a simple, funny and chronological guide to a memorable toast.

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How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows and Toasts

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows and Toasts

This book is for couples who want to write their own wedding vows, to express their love for each other openly, honestly, and beautifully. It is also for members of the wedding party and guests who wish to offer toasts and tributes at the many possible events surrounding your wedding day. This book leads you through a “kitchen-tested” process for writing vows and toasts and a step-by-step rehearsal process that also helps everyone deal with wedding day jitters and any fear of public speaking. We wrote this book because we want every couple to have a brilliant start to their marriage, so that they can be as happy as we have been for 36 years – and counting! Think about this: without the exchange of vows, a wedding is just a big party. You want your vows to be as special as your love for each other so that they provide the foundation for your marriage. You also want that special day – and all of the parties and events surrounding it – to be the best possible experience for all. The Best Man, Maid or Matron of Honor, parents of the bride, and anyone else who wants to offer a toast or tribute during wedding events will find here the same step-by-step writing and rehearsal processes that will allow them to confidently and beautifully speak on your behalf. You will find many inspirational quotes to help jump-start vows, toasts, and tributes, as well as a wealth of tips and good advice about how to plan your wedding day. Dr. William C. Compton, author of An Introduction to Positive Psychology, wrote about writing your vows, “This wonderful little book will help you plan vows and toasts that truly speak from your hearts. As you work with it, this book will also deepen your understanding of why you and your partner have chosen to take this path together.” As Angie Commons of Premier Bride wrote about toasts and tributes, “Thanks to Carol and Robert for writing this amazing book. Haven’t we all been to weddings where the best man or father of the bride stumbled over appropria

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Maid Of Honor Wedding Toasts

maid of honor toast

Maid Of Honor Wedding Toasts

Can you show me some examples of some wedding toasts made by the Maid of Honor?

Jenny, I’m telling you
This is your last chance
To escape the adult world
Of marriage and romance.

Jenny, I’ve found it
The stuff of a dream
We can return to childhood
In a shiny time machine.

We’ll just set the dial
Back to the year we turned ten
It will be fun to return to the days
When we were gymnastic friends.

You’ve been like my big sister
From the very day we met
Neither time nor place nor marital state
Could ever make me forget.

I long to write you OTESNAY
In a cursive little girl’s hand
Back when we felt like wallflowers
Who would never find a man.

We could rekindle our debates
That lasted through the day
About the merits of our coach, Jack
Whether or not he was o.k.

Remember how we worried
That we would bloom too late?
As through junior and senior high school
We passed with too few dates.

But bloom we did,
It worked out fine
And now you’ve found
Your permanent Valentine.

It’s no surprise you’ve found him
That you’ve managed to capture his heart
How could any man resist someone
So creative, beautiful and smart?

Ryan seems the perfect guy for you
The tall dark boy from Michigan
He calms you and helps you decorate
Soon he’ll turn you into a big sports fan.

It was so appropriate
Such a happy thought for me
That the night before my wedding
You became a bride-to-be!

And now as your Matron of Honor
I’m so happy you have found
A terrific guy in Ryan
He turns your world around.

So now as I think further
Maybe we don’t have to go
Back to those days of leotards
And standing on one toe!

Let’s leave the time machine alone
Even though it would be a great trick
We have so much to enjoy right now
Save that box for a science fiction flick.

I won’t say this in Pig Latin
I want everyone to hear
That I wish you a perfect wedding
And a marriage that lasts 100 years

Good evening everyone. I have to admit that I’m a little bit nervous, so to make myself feel better, I’m imagining that you are all naked.

I have to warn that the content of this speech may be offensive to those of you who don’t know Cheryl very well, so please accept my apologies.

When Cheryl first asked me to be her maid of honor, the first thought that went through my head was…

– What had I done to be blessed with such an honor?

And then I got suspicious and thought…

– Who had dropped out at the last minute?

– Had all her other friends left the country AND

– Could I say NO and still get invited to the wedding, but more importantly to the reception?

I’ve been the maid of honor in four weddings now and I’ve always followed the book of wedding etiquette, which states that the maid of honor should NOT, under ANY circumstances, roast the bride….but I’m going to make an exception to the rule at THIS wedding, besides, it’s all the more fun now, because Ernie’s already married her and it’s too late!

But, before I continue with Cheryl’s character assassination, I thought I should talk about Cheryl’s life story from the time she was born to present day:

Cheryl was born in 1968, grew up in San Francisco, got a job at Federated, met Ernie, got married. Well that about sums it up. Let’s move on to the fun stuff, shall we?

Actually, I’m not going to tell you any embarrassing stories about Cheryl today because (1) I respect her too much (Who put that in there?) (2) we’ve only got this place until midnight.

Instead, I’d like to share with you a few of the most valuable things I’ve learned from Cheryl in the 10 years that I’ve known her.

#1 Etiquette- Anyone who has been around Cheryl for even the shortest period of time can relate to what I’m about say….The first time that I ever heard Cheryl belch, I RAN FOR COVER! Some people (and I use the word “some” loosely), find her incessant belching rather disturbing, including her own mother, but what’s even more disturbing to me is that Cheryl doesn’t find it even REMOTELY abnormal that her belches have the ability to clear an entire room! Let’s just hope she displays some will power tonight.

#2 Things You Should NOT Do at a Softball Game – I think Cheryl sometimes gets her softball games mixed up with her weekly Lambada and River Dancing lessons. Cheryl’s “theory” on hitting is based on her belief that the more movement you make while you are batting, the better your chances of getting a good hit. THAT theory has yet to be proven. IF, by chance, she happens to make it to first base by some freak of nature, she has no reservations with yelling out to her team, “Who’s your daddy?!”. But alas, the most entertaining part of playing softball with Cheryl is listening to her creative excuses as she’s walking back to the dugout after she has just struck out once AGAIN like….

I swear, if that umpire shows up drunk just ONE more time! OR

Well, if it wasn’t for me, we’d be first place every year. How boring would THAT be? and my personal favorite…

Ya know, I’m just a RINGER trying NOT to stand out.

#3 Learning to Laugh at Yourself – Cheryl has taught me how to laugh at myself. This would be better translated as Cheryl laughing at me hysterically because she’s convinced me to do something to publicly embarrass myself like the time we went to look for the bridesmaid’s dresses and she insisted that I try on the most hideous dress she could find in the entire store, if not the entire planet. Not only was this dress hideous, but it was 10 times my normal size. As I walked out from the fitting room wearing the M&M green dress, green because Cheryl thought the color would compliment my yellow skin, I thought, “Kim, you have sunk to an all time low”. But, if wearing the dress wasn’t torture enough, for her added amusement, Cheryl then tells me to put one of the poofy sleeves of the dress, which closely resembled a shower cap, on my head. Having no mind of my own, I did it! Of course timing is everything because as soon as I placed the “shower cap” sleeve on my head, the owner comes upstairs and catches me doing the catwalk with this ridiculous dress on. Cheryl, as always, plays innocence and leaves the store looking like a perfect angel. As I was being escorted out of the store telling the owner that I’d been kicked out of better places than this, all I can remember are the tears streaming down Cheryl’s face and her telling the owner as she was shaking her head, “Some people….Such a shame!”. But she didn’t fool me. I knew these tears were tears of laughter.

#4 The Meaning of Friendship – Cheryl has taught me that friendship, next to watching a Giant’s game, slurpees, a fine restaurant that serves onion rings, and Puma shoes, is the most important thing in life. Well, at least I’m up there with the onion rings.

Seriously though, Cheryl is a beautiful person inside and out. I’ve had the pleasure of being Cheryl’s friend for many years and I will always cherish the wonderful times I’ve spent with her. Cheryl, I want you to know that you’re like a sister to me and I love you very much. You’ve always been there for me and I hope our friendship only flourishes in the years to come. I’m so happy that you’ve found “your little lamb” Ernie.

I would like to finish by offering some advice for a successful and happy marriage. Always remember to say those 3 important little words……………..”You’re right dear”

On behalf of the bride and groom, I’d like to thank everyone here for sharing their day, and it now gives me great pleasure to invite you all to stand and raise your glasses in a toast to Ernie and Cheryl, Mr. and Mrs. Dijamco. We wish them well for the future, and hope they enjoy a long and happy marriage.

Ernie and Cheryl.

There’s more, but you get the idea. There’s lots of sites with lots of examples. Good luck!!