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DreamHigh Women's Evening Party 21  Long Satin Finger Gloves

DreamHigh Women’s Evening Party 21 Long Satin Finger Gloves

Please note measurements, these will come to above elbow Material – Stretch Satin Length – 21-22″ Size – One size fits most adult women Color- MultiColor Opera length Satin Gloves DreamHigh is a registered brand under trademark law protection. SOLD ONLY by DreamHigh USA. (US Seller)…


FAT FAVOURITES list with Jared Ward (Fat BMX Magazine)

Name: Jared Ward

Age: 23

Hometown: Youngstown, OH

Hook-ups/Sponsors: Airtype clothing, Novik gloves, Modern bikes

The favorite list:

-Spot to ride: Greenville

-BMX video: criminal mischief


-Web video: webbie show 2

-Food: pizza

-Travel destination: Alaska

-Riders to ride with: All my friends

-Car: supra

-Movie: fast and the furious haha

-Colour: blue

-Shoes: Etnies

-Bike company: Modern

-BMX contest: Simple session

-Bike shop: 1101

-Restaurant chain: Olive Garden

-Clothing company: Airtype, little devil

-Phone: iPhone

-Music: metal

-Ramp rider: Mark Webb

-Street rider: Denis Enarson

-Dirt rider: Ryan Nyquist

-Flatland rider: Dane Beardsly

-Old school rider: Matt Hoffman

-Drink: Monster

-Trick: Tailwhips

-BMX Magazine: Ride UK

-BMX MC: Jonathan Earl Deadwyler

-Video game: Call of Duty

-BMX photographer: Todd Nichols

-Girl: Mom

-Sport besides BMX: Drag Racing

-Party: sure

Fat BMX Magazine

Knife Party “Power Glove”

Party Gloves

Need some costume help :)?

I need help with my halloween party costume :3,my mom says my costume looks 20’s but I’m not completely sure.Could you let me know what you think?

and also how should I style my hair it is currently should length wavy/curls,is red lipstick 20s,what style and color shoes should I wear,what color shawl,and if I need anything else to make it look nice.
having trouble posting the link

its uploaded at tiny pic
http:// i56.tinypic. com /wag134.jpg
forgot to mention I can’t wear high heels,my toes are fat so I hardly ever find high heels that fit and don’t squish my toes :(.

Definantly bright red lips, and CURLY hair, (i was in the musical anything goes last year) if you have any stilettos, you could wear those, pearls, if you have red or white tea party gloves, a FAX animal skin shawl always looks good. you could also wear a hat that has a long feather sticking out from the side