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Skirt Dress

Kristin Cavallari Marries Jay Cutler: See Her Wedding Dress (US Weekly)

Here comes the bride! Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari transformed herself
into a beautiful South[…]

US Weekly

Style Tip #2: Maxi Skirt into Summer Dress

Skirt Dress

Why clothing designers design clothes for relatively tall people?

Today I was shopping for clothes and almost ever skirt/dress/pair of pants were far too long. Why don’t they consider short people? It gets on my nerves.

In my own opinion and it makes a lot of sense, would be because they only want a certain demographic wearing and representing their clothing. Not only do not want short people wearing their clothes, they don’t want overweight ppl to wear them too. That’s why you rarely any plus sizes in a designer shops. Hollister is one of them been there done that. Stop and think how it makes sense. Fashion models such as on Americas Top Model have to be a certain height and within a certain weight in order to even make it as a fashion model. You never see a fat or short model. Tall and thin is What designers look for to represent them cause that is their idea of the ultimate beauty.