Tahiti Honeymoon Vacation All Inclusive

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Tahiti Honeymoon Vacation All Inclusive

Exotic Weddings in Tahiti

Wedding is perhaps the most important event in life. Everyone loves to make your wedding a special and unique event. For those seeking an exotic and romantic way to replenish your lifelong commitment, one of the best options would be to marry in Tahiti – the largest and most attractive tropical island of French Polynesia.

Located in the South East Pacific in a quiet environment, blessed with deserted islands blue water, incredible, fascinating, and colorful coral reefs and lush and varied vegetation, Tahiti is regarded as the most romantic place planet, and serves as a perfect destination for an exotic wedding in addition to renewal of vows or honeymoon.

No wonder why Tahiti is sometimes referred to as the "Island of Love." Inspired by the breathtaking beauty and great options it provides, many foreigners, especially Americans and Japanese meet here for a wonderful wedding experience.

Tahiti boasts a wonderful climate all year round, allowing couples to marry in any time of year. He does not mind that as married in the spectacular sandy beaches or in the churches found throughout the island, the options for weddings in Tahiti are truly exotic.

Weddings in Tahiti may be in the form of a simple exchange ring whose procedures are performed by a local priest, or sometimes can be a lavish ceremony accompanied by the traditional practices of Tahiti, music and dance. According to the culture of Tahiti, the wedding is a union blessed by the gods enshrined, and therefore it is a real way.

If couples prefer to marry in the traditional Tahitian, the bride-to-be is treated like an old Tahitian Princess. So She was delivered by the villagers in the area of fragrant flowers and aromatic oils. Later, she is dressed in a vibrant color matching with garlands of flowers and seashells. Meanwhile, the groom is taken by the villagers to a small island, which is painted with tattoos and dressed in a traditional decorated with a crown with leaves and tropical flowers. It then looks like a village of Great Leader. The groom takes the place of the wedding in a canoe amid great pomp and splendor.

After Some times, the bride is brought to the place on board a traditional throne. So the marriage ceremony takes place at the Stone of Tahiti, and the high priest carries out of marriage rituals and rites. Over time, couples sit in a real chair, and then are carried by the warriors Maohi at sunset. Above all, the ceremony is a smooth, elegant music serenade Tahiti.

However, for those interested in getting married in Tahiti must meet certain legal requirements. Therefore, is required to present some legal documents before the wedding, such as birth certificates of the bride and groom who have been translated into French, certificates before marriage, residence certificate, certificate of practice, certificate of celibacy, and a copy of the notarized marriage, in the case of the bride or groom is a town of strangers. But in most cases, is that many couples get married officially in their countries of origin and then turns to Tahiti to enjoy of an exotic wedding.

Today, many first class hotels in the area, such as Accor, offer excellent options for exotic weddings in Tahiti. Many of them even offer world-class wedding packages, replete with the assistance of a wedding planner, traditional wedding ceremony Tahitian sunset cruise and a romantic dinner. In some cases, the wedding packages are attached to underwater wedding ceremony, diving training and ride on the lake, dressed for the bride and groom, a bottle of champagne, DVD, and photographs of the ceremony and marriage certificate waterproof.

There are wedding packages are available complete with service of a local priest, a small group of musicians and dancers, traditional costumes, garlands of flowers and wreaths, decoration of the ceremony Home and canoes, coconut punches and a bottle of champagne on ice. Apart from these, luxury packages wedding are available include the royal wedding ceremony, procession Royal newlyweds through the village, and honeymoon night with the actual treatment.

In addition to hotels and resorts, many operators tourism, professional organizers and cruise lines are also on stage to deliver services to make your wedding truly a memorable event Tahitian.