Top Honeymoon Destinations By Month

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Girl Fun Selections Three

Girl Fun Selections Three

Five erotic lesbian stories with varied themes including BDSM, menage and older woman. Summer Camp by Eva Hore She has had more than enough of camping life – the novelty of shearing sheep and milking cows quickly wears off! Just when she thinks she’s escaped her duties for an afternoon, she’s caught by the owner’s daughter who happens to be a dab-hand with the whip – in more ways than one. Symmetry by Jeremy Edwards Susan and Carla have often been mistaken as sisters they are so alike, but they’re bound solely by love and lust, not genes. After 15 years in a relationship, things might be getting stale, but not for these two. When you have sex with your virtual ‘doppelganger’, it’s like having sex with another and sex with yourself both at the same time. Sure opposites attract, but there are s-exceptions. Losing It by Ashley Hind Mandy might be her step-cousin, but she’s always had a secret crush on her big-busted relation, which always reaches fever pitch on her annual summer visit from the country. Except now, it’s not just Mandy getting under her skin. College-girl Emma might seem rurally innocent, but appearances can be deceptive on a sexy shopping trip into London. And when the Goth owner of the sex shop turns the sign on the door to say Closed, it seems this afternoon is going to see many a cherry popped. Holiday Camp Sharing by Mark Farley Center Parcs might not immediately spring to mind on your top-ten list of raunchy holiday spots – least of all for a honeymoon. But newlyweds Alys and Dahlia prove that a destination is as sexy as you make it. And it seems German couple Magda and Christine live by exactly the same philosophy. Meeting Jane by January James Aurora has an unusual fetish: nothing turns her on more than a pregnant lady. When fellow writer Jane enters her life, she is just a friend in need of a place to stay, but over the months, Aurora’s lust for the other woman grows and grows, just like Jane’s baby bump and the attraction seems t

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Top Honeymoon Destinations By Month

Pedasi – Honeymoon Destination recommended

Want to explore a coastal paradise to be discovered? So let me recommend you Pedasi. I'm sure most of you should not have heard of this beautiful place, but ultimately it is a fascinating place.

Pedasi Panama is in and is a district in the province of Los Santos. This is one of the five districts of the city and is also the most beautiful. This rural district in Panama has some of the most impressive in the world. We had chosen this place as our honeymoon destination, after a friend recommended to us. As I and my wife love beaches Pedasi seemed that the dream destination we always wanted for us.

Pedasi has not been a favorite in coastal tourism destination so far, but has much to offer, one wonders why it is not as popular as the Bahamas, Cancun or Hawaii? As is only four hours drive from Panama City, reaching Pedasí was no problem for us. In fact, we really enjoyed our unity breeze that gave us time to talk and enjoy ourselves.

We were surprised so after arriving in the city. This is a bustling city of huge commercial space and condominiums on the beach, Miami style. It was very interesting to see that these people supposedly rural is becoming a bustling city. But with only a population of about 4,000 people, we did does not seem that crowded. The resort also welcomed us very well and our demand was just perfect.

Pedasí used to be under a canopy of large forest before Spanish decided to establish a colony here. This district was created in 1840. At that time, Panama was a part of Columbia. To establish a settlement here, massive deforestation that was done in this area leaving many naked cliffs and mountains. How do I know all this? Well, our guide gave us a long conference on the place before leaving go and have fun at the beach. (Very informative! We would have liked that we were on our honeymoon).

The beaches of this place were simply magnificent. Seemed that for miles and miles, there was only sun-kissed beaches and the sea invited to welcome us. We spent 4 full days, just relaxing on the beach. I just could not believe that peace and tranquility we were experiencing with regard to the duration of one month, all that talking, hearing, eating and drinking was our wedding. Thus, the relaxed atmosphere of the beach was a huge change satisfaction.

On the fifth day, we had maxed out our limit of relaxation and decided that we must do more to lie like a beached whale. We call our guide (who was almost certain that we were lost in the jungle!) AND asked some interesting activities to do in Pedasi.

We recommend a visit to Iguana Island Wildlife Refuge. Located just a boat ride, this is a huge wildlife refuge. It is near a coral reef is huge and very beautiful (you guessed it!) Of two beaches. But we wanted to see something more than waves coming. Therefore, we took a tour inside the park. Our guide told us that there are about 62 species of birds in this park is the nesting site for earwig in Panama.

The island owes its name to the Black Iguana lizard. We saw a few newly married and my wife was completely terrified of them. I also admit that the creature is simply disgusting. But apparently, plays a huge role in the islands of the ecosystem. Therefore, it is assumed that you like?

Us We also went snorkeling in a huge area of sea near the island. This redeemed our trip after the fiasco of "Iguana" and made the trip very memorable. We saw many beautiful coral reefs, eels, sting rays and other marine animals. We also promised at least in the humpback whale, but that promise was not kept as the "star" refused to appear.

We had kept all the next day for fishing. I like fishing and my wife likes wandering on a boat. So the arrangement was perfect. We hired a boat and a guide to go offshore fishing with us. We were simply mesmerized by the amount visible fish in the water. Apparently, the drops of the continental shelf off the coast of Pedasi, which makes it a paradise for fishermen like me. We got two tuna and a big Mahi Mahi. The trip was incredible.

Pedasi is a quiet and friendly. Despite all its colorful spaces and condominiums, the heart of this city is still very pure and rural areas. People still wear their traditional costumes and respect for their cultural values greatly. The architecture of this city has a lot of Caribbean and Spanish influence that makes it unique. Most streets, houses and gardens are beautiful and make you feel like you're on vacation.

In summary, Pedasí made our honeymoon special and memorable. We did not know how much to pay. All we can do is recommend that you take your holiday with this wonderful town.