Umbrella Parasol

Umbrella Parasol

Large Spender: The $5,500 patio umbrella (Market Watch)

Could it be a swimming pool umbrella or perhaps a work of contemporary art? The Frontgate catalog would

perhaps you have believe its Frou Frou Parasol is both, all for that not-so-small cost

of $5,495. Yes, a swimming pool accessory that may are more expensive than some pools (well, at

least the aboveground kind).

Market Watch

How To Build A Beach Umbrella / Parasol – Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Umbrella Parasol

What exactly are these words in french?

Help even when you simply know a couple of:


Umbrellas (Sun Umbrellas)

This really is me!



Rubber rings


Sunbed = chaise longue (whether it’s a kind of chair outdoors to sunbathe alongside a pool)

Umbrellas (Sun Umbrellas) = parasols

This really is me! = c’est moi / me voici

Seashells = coquillages

Surfboards = planche p surf

Rubber rings = anneaux en cahoutchouc => it might be better were you to give us the context