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'ABDULL H IBN SABA' and Other Myths

‘ABDULL H IBN SABA’ and Other Myths

The part of news broadcasting or ” reporting ” in cold wars: News reports are one of the sharpest weapons in cold wars. Because of this, today the necessity for research in to a news reports validity and the degree of its deviation in clear for everyone. This necessary research, especially on the first Islamic narrators who in fact are the reporters of that very sensitive era, has an elite and great importance. On this matter the esteemed researcher and honourable writer of this book, in it’s preface says: Today it’s nothing other than simple mindedness and error to hear the sensitive news of the beginning of Islam, which sometimes faith and belief relied on it, with complete optimism to the authorities and narrators affiliated to them, and sincerely and truthfully without any investigation, put faith and wisdom at this groups disposal. The bubbling brook of advice and Information Investigation of a news report or reporter, and distinguishing the degree of his affiliation and the amount of aim, is not a local or limited investigation which makes clear only one point of history and only looking at one field, but this research, in truth is a bubbling brook of knowledge which makes a lot of arenas clear for us and uncountable scenery which by means of this news report has become dark and gloomy is veiled by the curtain of ambiguity. And this main and valuable job is just this that now the noted scholar Mr. Askari, in this book, about some of the special narrators has worthily taken the responsibility of, and in this manner brings out darkness and ambiguity the extent of suspicious events and obvious history stories of the beginning of Islam. Revealing News Reports and Beginning of Islam Personalities: The notable author expresses in the preface of the book that. “Those who like old women believe their tales and give belief to historical writings don’t read this book.” Once again he repeats these words in reply to the criticisms of the Egyptian magazine ” Al-Zahar. ”

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'Drag' Harlan

‘Drag’ Harlan

From out of the shimmering haze that veiled the mystic eastern space came a big black horse bearing a rider. Swinging wide, to avoid the feathery dust that lay at the base of a huge sand dune, the black horse loped, making no sound, and seeming to glide forward without effort. Like a somber, gigantic ghost the animal moved, heroic of mold, embodying the spirit of the country, seeming to bear the sinister message of the desert, the whispered promise of death, the lingering threat, the grim mockery of life, and the conviction of futility.

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Veil Veils
What kind of glue can you use on wedding veils?

I am thinking about adding black little rhinestones or flowers to my wedding veil but i don’t know what to use get them to stay on. What can I use for glue that will not mess up the veil material?

Do not use hot glue, whatever you do!

Use fabric glue, and fabric glue only. Use a toothpick to spread it evenly, without getting it all over everything else. Don’t put it directly on the veil, either. Pour a spot or two on a different surface, and use the toothpick to spread it.

Veil Veils

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