Wedding Cuff

Wedding Cuff

Tamra Barney’s Wedding Dress: All the Scoop On What She (and the Other Housewives) Wore (people)

All the scoop on the star’s sparkling dress for her big day — plus what her
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Wedding Cuff

help me guys .. a gift to my Fiance !!?

Hi all,
I’m travling to the U.S. and i’m going back to my country soon .. I wanna get my fiance a gift from here to take it to him, but i don’t know what to get him!!! i got him a watch and a perfume before .. i also got him some t-shirts .. i want something new .. ESPECIALLY THAT WE R GONNA GET MARRIED THIS SUMMER !!!! HEEEEEELP ..

Did you tell us where “here” is? It might have helped.
Get him a t-shirt that the tourists would buy, pick one according to his t-shirt tastes, for instance, if he likes bold, get him one that is your national flag, a Union Jack if you were from Great Britain. If he is conservative, get him one with for instance, “the virgin Islands” printed small over the pocket.
A souvenir of an iconic landmark with a sweet note that when he looks at, say, the Eiffel tower, he is to think of you.
Got some home made treats that would travel well that are native to your country?
Does he wear jewelry at all besides a watch? Would he wear a french cuff shirt at the wedding? Cuff links. A dog tag and chain with the wedding date and your names.
A key chain with your wedding date on it.
A framed picture of you and him.
A shirt and tie suitable for pre wedding parties.
Does he do any sports?