Wholesale Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers Acrylic Mr  Mrs Cake Topper

Cake Toppers Acrylic Mr Mrs Cake Topper

Available Width:4″ (10 cm); Length:6″ (15 cm); Category:Figurine; Packing:OPP; Theme:Garden Theme; Pieces:1; Style:Classic Couple; Occasion:Anniversary,Wedding,Bridal Shower; Material:Acrylic; Listing Date:04/17/2015

Todays: $6.29

Cake Toppers Acrylic Kissing Cake Topper

Cake Toppers Acrylic Kissing Cake Topper

Available Width:4 1/3″ (11 cm); Length:7″ (18 cm); Category:Figurine; Packing:OPP; Theme:Garden Theme; Pieces:1; Style:Classic Couple; Occasion:Anniversary,Wedding,Bridal Shower; Material:Acrylic; Listing Date:04/17/2015

Todays: $6.99

Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers

These 12 cute little characters are so simple to make, by adults or children – you can make them purely for fun and place them on an iced board, or use them to decorate a cake for someone you love. Make your cake toppers weeks or months in advance, ready to decorate a Christmas or birthday cake – just remember not to store them anywhere damp! Because no moulds or cutters are used, each little character you create will have its own personality and no two will be identical. You can use any modelling medium, not just sugarpaste. For example, salt dough is best for larger models and coloured modelling clay for tiny ones. Handy templates make it easy to judge the sizes of the various body parts of your cake toppers. The possibilities are endless.

Todays: $14.95

Cake Toppers Acrylic To The Moon  Back Cake Topper

Cake Toppers Acrylic To The Moon Back Cake Topper

Available Width:6″ (15 cm); Length:7″ (18 cm); Category:Letter Number; Packing:OPP; Theme:Garden Theme; Pieces:1; Occasion:Anniversary,Wedding,Bridal Shower; Material:Acrylic; Listing Date:04/17/2015

Todays: $5.59

Wholesale Wedding Cake Toppers

Wholesale Wedding Cake Toppers

Five Ways to Save on Wedding Flowers

I admit my bias up front: I love flowers. And not just flowers, I love expensive flowers. The Peonies, burgundy cymbidium orchids and mini calla lilies are among my favorites. When I was planning my wedding, I tripled this area of my initial budget. Several brides share my love of flowers and that makes it even harder to stay within budget. Even brides who do not share my extreme love for flowers want beautiful weddings, and your florist will play an important role in that. As a general rule, flowers should represent 10-15% of its total budget. Here are some tips to help you stay at or below that number while taking beautiful wedding flowers.

1. Do it yourself

Yes, you can create your own wedding flowers. There are several online and local wholesalers where you can buy flowers in bulk for substantially less than what you would pay a florist. You should plan to receive flowers 2-3 days before their wedding and have adequate space in your refrigerator for storage. If you are asking too many flowers to fit into your refrigerator, air conditioning your house will be enough. Simple hand tied bouquets are relatively easy to create and you can pick a bouquet of flowers and place them in vases to create table centerpieces. My advice with flowers DIY is to keep it simple! You are not a florist training, so do not try to create more complicated arrangement that you find online or in magazines. Keep it simple. In addition, a word of warning: if you are a perfectionist and want perfect arrangements, hire a florist. As a beginner, it is very likely to make some mistakes and slight imperfections exist. If that is not acceptable to you, it is best to hire a professional. It is also a good idea to do a test run before the real thing.

2. Use a delivery service

There are new delivery services, especially flowers Pro, which will handle your wedding flowers and deliver, already assembled, to your door 1-2 days before the wedding. They have different varieties of flowers and several packages to choose from at great prices. You will have to do some work with this option. You should prepare for vases and vases of the centerpieces owner to keep their branches until the wedding. On the day of the wedding, you will have to appoint someone to configure the arrangements. Several brides are nervous about this option because they worry that the flowers will not show on time. Flores Pro has a built in safety measure to avoid no-shows. If your flowers do not arrive on the scheduled date, Pro Flowers has contracts with thousands of local florists that will assemble and personally deliver your flowers before the wedding.

3. Reuse, reuse, reuse

Slash your bill hundreds florist by reusing agreements throughout the day. Your ceremony altar arrangements can become a part of the decor of your reception, your bridesmaids bouquets can become centers table and the bridal bouquet can become a deal to the table of love. You can also ask your florist to reuse arrangements of the ceremony hall as centers table during the reception. You may have to pay a fee of light work that the regime moved and recast as centerpieces, but it will be much less than pay for both.

4. Stay in season

Unlike seasonal flowers at different times of the year. If the flower is out of season, wants say you can not have it, but it will be much more expensive. There are some flowers that are expensive all year round. These include mini calla lilies, tropical flowers and several varieties of orchids. Ask your florist about what flowers are in season for your wedding day and stay with them.

5. Cut

Ask yourself what you really need and what you can do without. Do you really need bows bank? A knob on the flower girl? An arrangement for the place card table? A pastel floral Topper? Neither of these things are needed and can be replaced by other decorative items. Reduce excess and stick to basic needs.